Red Cross Day At UWS Preps Students With Life-Saving Skills

SUPERIOR, Wis. — The University of Wisconsin-Superior partnered with the local American Red Cross Chapter Thursday to learn life-saving tools.

They called it Red Cross Day and students were invited to learn hands-only CPR, which only takes 15 minutes to learn.

Executive Director for the Northern Minnesota American Red Cross Dan Williams says people are drastically more likely to survive a cardiac evet if there’s someone there that is willing and able to help. Going to local colleges gives them the opportunity to encourage students to learn those skills.

“Really what we’re doing is providing opportunities for students to get involved. To build resiliency of themselves and their community. But also to get involved, build job skills, build professional skills, and set themselves up for a great life as an adult,” said Williams.

There was also a non-political exhibit there to give students a better understanding of the experience of a refugee. The Red Cross has a program where the work with refugees as well.

“Red Cross has a program within the United States called ‘Restoring Family Links’ where we actually work with the American Red Cross and the Red Cross in the country that a person is from. To reconnect refugees who have lost connection with their families or their close friends, to sort of rebuild those connections that have been lost over time and space,” said Williams.

To learn more about the American Red Cross serving Northern Minnesota go to their website here.

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