St. Louis County Announces Road Closures Due To Flooding

St. Louis County Reminding Residents About Short Term Rental Process

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Minn. — Spring flooding continues to be an issue causing many road closures for St. Louis County.

The County says there have been road and culvert washouts, as well as flooded roads. The St. Louis County Public Works crew has been monitoring conditions and making repairs as needed.

The roads closed are list below:

District 4 (northern St. Louis County)

  • Wiseman Road/County Road 411 between Rivers and Tarkman Roads

District 5 (Duluth and surrounding townships)

  • Seville Road between Vibert Road and Hwy 33
  • Seville Road between Caribou Lake and Solway Roads
  • Caribou Lake Road between Hwy 194 and Seville Road
  • Munger Shaw Road between Seville Road and Hwy 53
  • Rose Road between Caribou Lake Road west to end of road
  • Castle Road between Schultz and McCumber Roads
  • West Lismore Road between Lavaque Road west to end of road
  • Hwy 8 between Hwy 33 and South MacArthur Road
  • Paupores Road between Nygard Road and Hwy 2
  • North MacArthur Road between Shipley and Birch Roads
  • St. Louis River Road between Erickson and Ikola Roads
  • App Road between West Kinfe River Road and Two Harbors Farm Fox intersection

District 6 (Central St. Louis County including quad cities)

  • Lindstrom Road between Hwy 52/Comstrock Lake Road and Randall Road
  • County Road 315 between County 317/Wolf Road and County Road 756
  • Hwy 15/Munger Shaw Road, half mile south of Comstock Lake Road
  • Deer Forest Road near Makinen
  • South Loon Lake Road near Aurora
  • Farmers Road, a quarter mile north of Lowe Road
  • Hwy 83/Carlson Road, 2.5 miles west of County Road 213/McDavitt Road
  • Hwy 28/Sax Road, 1.2 miles west of Hwy 207/Stickney Road
  • County Road 979/Linstrom Road, half mile north of Comstock Lake Road

District 7 (Southwestern St. Louis County)

  • County Road 63 west of Hibbing by the Scranton Iron entrance
  • Hwy 442 between Hingley and Bunker Roads
  • Stickney Road approximately 1 mile north of Hwy 52 near Meadowlands

A link to the map of road closures is here.

The County says roads will reopen when they are determined safe. They are asking those who see unsafe roads to call 911 and report the location.

The public is asked to use caution when near floodwaters.

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