‘Discover Pro Wrestling’ Hosts Event At Clyde

DULUTH, Minn.–Get ready for a smackdown!  Fighters took to the stage inside a pack Clyde Iron Works to see who would ring out as the new or current defending champion. Fighters from all over the Midwest gathered to compete in Sunday’s showdown.

“This is the third event that Discover Pro Wrestling is doing,” said DPW Heavy Weight Defending Champion Sierra. “Honestly, every time it gets better, it gets bigger, the matches get better.”

Sierra was the last match of the night defending for the championship title against J-Fowler. Also in the ring, a proud pair of West Duluthians were in the ring to present their neighborhood. 

“Specifically representing the west side of town means a lot to us. Especially since this is our roots and the people that love and support us from when we were young and up until now,” said Arlen’s Manager Ringo Kientz.

“And I like to make people happy. I like making the crowd get loud, get into it, make some noise, have a good time and support their hometown hero. Which is me,” said Pro Wrestler Arlen Kaspari.

Discover Pro Wrestling looks forward to their future with their next match in Duluth on June 17, which supports Black Wrestlers Matter which promotes on black wrestlers. On August 20, Discover Pro Wrestling will hold their next main series fight.

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