Mini Aussie Protects Younger Sister From Coyote In Superior

SUPERIOR, Wis. – A doorbell camera in Superior picked up a pretty scary — but proud — moment for some dog parents.



Two Mini Aussies recently were approached by a coyote in Superior’s Billings Park neighborhood.



Owner Dennis Johnson told FOX 21 that Coop, the 1.5-year-old male, sprang into action to protect his 10-month-old sister, Roxie.

Coop did his job, not once but twice, as the coyote tried to apparently reach Roxie.

Both dogs were not injured.  The coyote went about its night.

Johnson said the area is great to see wildlife, like he did on Friday in the form of a bobcat, but he said he’s going to be extra watchful over Coop and Roxie going forward.

It should be noted, Roxie was also very vocal with the coyote.  She was the first and last to bark in the video.

Best Friends

Cooper (Coop) and Roxie

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