St. Scholastica Consolidating from Six Colleges Down to Three

DULUTH, Minn — The College of St. Scholastica is in the process of restructuring their academic programs, consolidating their six different schools down to three.

Effect July 1, the three new schools will be the Stender School of Leadership, Business and Professional Studies, the School of Arts and Sciences, and the School of Health Professions. This restructure will promote collaboration within the school among faculty members on how they can continue to innovate moving forward.

“We’re expecting new vision statements, admission statements, and the opportunity for faculty to collaborate, particularly around new program development, interdisciplinary studies, opportunities for revenue and for new and emerging grants that might be available to us, etc.,” said Barbara McDonald, President of the College of St. Scholastica.

When the task force came together last summer to start working on this merger of programs, the focus was all about the students and improving their college experience and maximizing their opportunities.

“We have an incredible undergraduate research program in our School of Sciences and merging them together with our Arts and Letters will just expand that opportunity for all students that are interested in those disciplines. And so, we just believe that this collaboration is going to lead to more opportunities for students. Both in terms of research, internships, early job opportunities, etc.,” said President McDonald.

Deans have already been announced for the Stender School along with the School of Arts and Sciences. St. Scholastica is in the process of searching for a new Dean for the School of Health Professions.

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