Frost River In Duluth Honoring Earth Day

DULUTH, Minn. — What better way to honor Earth Day than finding a way to use leftovers? And not food leftovers!

That’s what Frost River has going this month. When they make their various bags and leather goods, no matter how careful they are about making good use of their raw materials, there are always still some leftover scraps, or remnants.

So, they have created a contest in which you can buy a kit of remnant materials, try your hand at it…and win something.

“So, we have some scraps that are created from our manufacturing processes. We’ve been holding on to them for years. We never get rid of them. So this year in particular we’re putting together kits of remnants, and we want to see people’s creations. How are people going to repurpose our remnants and create them into something else,” said Stephanie Anderson, Director of Marketing and Sales.

And if your creation is the one that stands out from the crowd…there is a $250 gift certificate in it for you. You have to buy your remnant kit by Earth Day, and the contest runs through May 7.

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