Superior School District To Close One Elementary School

DULUTH, MINN. — The Superior School District will be closing one elementary school for the 2024 – 20-25 school year.  At Monday’s school board meeting the board members voted 3 to 2 to close Lake Superior Elementary

Superior School Superintendent Amy Starzecki says the district and the school board did a lot of planning prior to making the decision to consolidate the elementary schools,

However, with the loss of some 300 students over the past five years, and the district facing a $4 million deficit in the 24 – 25 school year, a change needed to be made.

Starzecki said, “Small schools have value in our communities and we wish we were able to keep that setting. We’re going to try to create the same culture and feelings that school has created in all of those other schools.”

The district will now begin to work on all the things that need to take place in the next year and a half to ensure a smooth transition. This work will include redrawing the boundaries for the five elementary, new bus routes and determining the best and most efficient ways to use the buildings.

One area that will receive special attention is the transition plans for everyone in the district.

“We will be really thoughtful about a transition plan,” said Starzecki. “As we redo the boundaries we will make sure students who are moving to new schools and families that are moving to new schools have enough time next year to really learn about the school; maybe visit the school. We’ll put together a robust transition plan.”

The district is already looking at ways to limit the number of people who will lose their jobs. Starzecki says the district will use attrition and not fill all positions in the next year and a half that open because of retirements and resignations.

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