Lake Superior Zoo Introduces Red Panda, Zoozee

DULUTH, Minn. — The Lake Superior Zoo officially has a new resident named Zoozee.

They are making preparations to open up a new outside exhibit that will feature Zoozee the red panda. The zoo began the process of bringing this new species to Duluth a year ago.

The red panda is currently the only one residing in the state of Minnesota. The Animal Manager says that Duluth is a great place for this animal because of its resilience to the winter climate. The zoo is working with the red panda to find her likes and dislikes in order to keep her as comfortable as possible.

“One thing that I really wanted to bring to this zoo, being the new director of animal management, is that we have done a lot of renovations. We have done a lot of revamping of exhibits, making them better for the animals that we have. But we have not built something new in a long time. So what I wanted to do was make sure that this zoo stays fresh, stays exciting for people to come see, gets people connected to the animals, and really involved in conservation,” said Lizzy Larson, Director of Animal Management.

Lake Superior Zoo thanks the city of Duluth and all the donors who helped make this possible. Zoozee the red panda will be ready to great the public sometime in May.

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