Safety Training for Companies That Work Near Trains

DULUTH, MINN. — Safety training is an important part of just about everyone’s employment. For companies that respond to train derailments, safety training can literally mean the difference between going home and being seriously hurt or killed.

Nearly two dozen employees from a handful of environmental companies were training at the train yard behind the North Shore Railroad. The training covered standard procedures for ensuring that while working on an incident all workers are safe from other trains. One very important part of the training dealt with the Blue Flag protection.

Sam Binsfeld works for Rock Leaf Water Environmental. Binsfeld told Fox 21 ” Today, we had the CP and CN put on an event that really showcases what we do as far as our Blue Flag protection and how we are able to protect our workers when we’re out on the main line and the tracks.”

Blue signs are set out during the day and blue lights are used at night to indicate that people are working on the tracks ahead. If those signs don’t stop a train or train car, a piece of equipment known as a derailer, will do its’ j ob and, the car or the train will be derailed before it endangers the workers.

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