St. Scholastica Graduate Receives National Red Cross Volunteer Award

DULUTH, Minn. — A St. Scholastica graduate is being recognized for her hard work as a Red Cross volunteer.

Amy Leopold received the Navin Narayan Excellence in Youth Leadership Award. Which is the highest award for youth leadership from the National Red Cross organization.

This award is only given out to one volunteer each year out of nearly 100,000 volunteers under the age of 24.

The Red Cross board nominated Amy for the award without her knowing and surprised her with it.

“If I could tear that award into 1,000 pieces and pass it out to all of our volunteers I would because I think that every single one of our volunteers in this region is so well deserving of this award as well because it’s not just me it’s our whole region and team as a whole that makes us so great and be able to make an impact on our community,” said Amy (Schreyer) Leopold, American Red Cross volunteer.

Amy says her future plans will include continuing her efforts as a Red Cross volunteer. The Red Cross is always looking for volunteers, for more information click here.

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