Duluth Mayoral Race: Reinert No On Party Endorsements; Larson Says ‘Show Up’

DULUTH, Minn. – Duluth mayoral candidate Roger Reinert, who has been endorsed by the DFL party in previous political elections, is bypassing any political party endorsements for his run for mayor.

Reinert made the announcement Monday through a video release.

He said the office of mayor should be non-partisan and open to all political views.Mayor Emily Larson 2023 Photo

Reinert said he’s had nearly a thousand conversations with everyday Duluthians so far through his campaign — people he said are not interested in one-sided politics within the mayor’s office.

“I’ve always been a moderate, a consensus building, a business Democrat, a little more fiscally conservative, a little more socially liberal and that has not changed,” Reinert said. “The only endorsement that should matter to the elected mayor of the community is that of Duluthians. And not just one slice of Duluthians, but a political diverse group.”

Reinert also talked about his history as a founder of the Purple Caucus in the Minnesota Senate.  “We have a tremendous base of support, and most are not active in party politics.  They are simply Duluthians who are ready for something different.”

FOX 21 reached out to Mayor Emily Larson’s campaign about Reinert’s announcement.

Seth Justice Loeffler-Kemp, Larson’s campaign manager, released the following statement:

“Today our challenger has made it clear that he no longer considers himself a DFLer. That’s his choice and it’s simply a major difference between the values and visions of our campaigns. Mayor Larson is proud to be a lifelong DFLer and shares Sen. Paul Wellstone’s commitment that “We all do better when we all do better.” We know that you can hold these values, work with others, and that it is virtuous governance to be consistent with your intentions to voters.

This weekend we’ll be uniting at our upcoming Duluth DFL convention where we are proudly seeking their endorsement. We thank the many delegates and organizers for continuing to stand strong together in the values of progress that move us forward as a community.”

Mayor Larson also released the following statement:

“My opponent came out of the gate committed to talking with everyone and working together. I’m disappointed he has chosen to not complete questionnaires, meet with groups of constituents, or accept an invitation to a facilitated forum with me this week. It’s basic courtesy and good democracy to show up, hear people out and give as many chances as possible for people to understand what you value and the vision you have for our Duluth.

Even when, and especially when, they may not agree with you. In a campaign season where information is power, and meeting people where they are at (not where you are comfortable) is really important, screenings, questionnaires and forums are part and parcel of sharing your values, hearing from residents about theirs and finding commonality to build from.”

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