Melanoma Monday Means Free Skin Cancer Screenings At Duluth’s Essentia Health

DULUTH, Minn. — 98,000 people are diagnosed with Melanoma a year and of that 8,000 people die, according to a physician at Essentia Health in Duluth.

That’s why a free skin cancer screening day was held as Monday was also Melanoma Monday.

Patients were able to go in and get a partial or a whole screening. A physician would then look at moles using a scope to see more closely and if they find something they will refer you back to your provider.

The free screening was just for Monday, but health officials say it is really important to check anything you are worried about.

“Melanoma is something that can go to the different organs of the body so if you catch it right away, we just take it out, and that’s it. If it’s gone to some of the organs, you might need chemotherapy, and radiation. There’s a lot more treatment to do once cancer has spread,” said Lisa Casey, Program Director of Duluth Family Medicine Residency.

Essentia Health officials stress the importance of sun-protection by using sunscreen or sunblock when you are outside. If you are worried about anything they recommend getting in touch with your provider.

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