Sjodin Strong Benefit

CARLTON, MINN — The family members and friends who organized this event weren’t sure what to expect, but they obviously hoped for the best.

Cassie Avernik a cousin who helped organize said, “Turnout is way more than we could have imagined, expected, and planned for, it’s been really great ”

As you might expect there were some tears, but there were also very long emotional hugs as if they were holding one another up.

The show of support that has been given has been amazing and somewhat unexpected. Jenny Sandstrom an aunt said, “One thing that I’ve seen, well that we’ve all seen, is just a massive show of support. Like, not even just our community, but beyond. We’ve had people coming out of the woodwork to volunteer, donate, somebody went and filled their propane tank and said it was on them.”

There iwas a silent auction and raffle with some very nice prizes, all donated by businesses and people.  People that know and those who don’t know the family, but just want to help in some way.

Janae’s mom Angie spoke to the crowd. She told them how the day of the crash, Janae had basically made her take a walk with her. It was a five-mile walk and they had a real chance to just talk to each other about life and what was happening.

As much as the family is grateful for all the monetary help and support they have received, they also bless the Lord  “More importantly to them is the prayers and the show of support and people rallying around them and helping to try to like, WILL Janae to get better and just being there to support them,” said Sandstrom.

The family and the people that organized the benefit want everyone to know that they are thankful for everything and for everyone that has been there for them. Not only for the benefit but through the very difficult weeks since the crash and they ask for your continued prayers.



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