UMD Graduate Osei-Tutu Honored for Her Work on Voting

DULUTH, MINN. — A UMD Graduate has been recognized as part of the 2023 ALL IN Student Voting Honor Roll.

Her name is Olivia Osei-Tutu,

ALL IN’s Student Voting Honor Roll recognizes college students at participating campuses who have gone above and beyond to advance nonpartisan student voter registration, education and turnout efforts in their communities. Nationwide, Just 175 students received the recognition this year.

Osei-Tutu said, “I put on an event called Voter Palooza and we helped students register and pledged to vote. We also had some other things on campus to help students kind of know what to expect from the election and then also be able to register and see what’s going to be on the ballot and where to vote and all that stuff.”

Osei-Tutu also served on student government at the school and helped to organize the Bulldog Lobby Days at the state capitol. Students from UMD go to St. Paul to lobby on behalf of the students. With all this as her background, you’ll understand why she wants to get people to vote.

“Voting, especially in local elections is probably the most important thing you can do, and not a lot of people realize that. Because who wants to go out and vote for their city councilor? But the laws that are going to impact you the most arete the ones that are going to be put forth by your city council and your local representative. So you want to make sure you’re voting for the people that you’d want to be in office”

So what’s next for Olivia? She’s not sure at this point but says most likely it will be with a non-profit that is civically engaged

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