Vintage Magazine Sale Brings Back the Past

DULUTH, Minn. — Friends of the Duluth Public Library went back to the past today for it’s first ever Nostalgic Newsstand Vintage Magazine Sale.

From Saturday Evening Posts from the 1920’s, to Sports Illustrated issues from the 90’s, there was a vide variety of classic magazines to browse through.

The rare sale comes at a time when the library is looking to open up space normally occupied by hundreds of old magazines that are decades old.

For just $1, shoppers could grab four magazines, or a bounded one for $4.

The copies were in good condition for the sale and spanned over 16 titles, covering three centuries of topics

While the library hoped to sell the lot of the magazines, digital copies can be found online.

“I work with magazines and just felt that they were too interesting to just recycle and wanted to let people have access to them if they want them. We encourage people to buy them for history purposes, or for arts and craft, however you want to use them, we just like people to take them home and enjoy them,” said Gina Temple-Rhodes, Duluth Library Local History and Magazine Librarian.

If you didn’t get a change to stop buy and browse the old issues, the library will be keeping some retro magazines in their collection for their reference department. The magazines are available to view at the library.

Friends of the Duluth Public Library will be hosting another sale, but this time its the annual book sale which will be starting June 12th.

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