Art and Music Showcase Supports Local Art Department

HERMANTOWN, Minn.–Art is important as it helps people connect and relate to abstract concepts and serves as a means of self-expression. With art departments in schools being underfunded, one local high school showcases student work for the community to see. 

“Art for me is just a really big way to express myself and tell my story and other stories on the stage through songs or even instrumentals,” said Sophomore at Hermantown High School Elyana Hewitt.

For the last four years, Hermantown Music and Arts Boosters has put on a student-run showcase for both visual and performing arts at the AAD Shrine.

“Music means a lot to me,” said Senior at Hermantown High School Jillian Jaros. “Like I’m going to pursue music after high school and so having an opportunity to showcase what I have to the community is great.”

“I think it’s really exciting,” said student Tai Timmerman. “I think it’s exciting to have my art and everybody else’s art shared within the community.”

This year 10 artworks and 21 performances were displayed by students with the help of support staff and volunteers. Hermantown Music and Art Booster is a 501(c) nonprofit organization that raises money for and supports art programs at Hermantown Public Schools.

“One of the ideas that we’ve been working on has been to offer a after school music lesson right at the school,” said President of Hermantown Music and Art Boosters Barbara Harris. “Primarily geared towards middle school students so if you wanted your child to be able to stay after school and take piano lessons. That would be convenient for the parents and a great chance for the kids to get some more exposure for the arts.”

“Definitely a rush of serotonin and adrenaline,” said Jaros. “I just am so happy to be on stage with other people that have the same passion that I do.”

Both the artwork and the performances were volunteered and practiced by students. The spring art showcase also saw help from local businesses and artists in the form of items being auctioned off as part of a silent auction.

“The importance of art education can’t be overstated. It is really important to these kids and to their well-rounded development. So I encourage everybody to support the arts,” said Harris.

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