Bee Season Officially Underway In Duluth

DULUTH, Minn. — Bee season is officially underway for one business in Duluth.

Miel, which is located near Chester Bowl maintains about 25 to 30 beehives each year at 4 different locations in the Duluth area. And it doesn’t just include making honey, they make candles, lip balm, soaps, lotions, and more.

The beekeeper says a fun face is that the taste of their honey is different each year as flowers and the season changes.

“Down at the market I always give samples of what we have and if people just have regular store honey and then they taste what we have they always go ‘oh wow’ and it’s cause it’s a such a very very delightful flavor,” said Mark Walters, beekeeper.

One may wonder how bees can stay alive with the area’s cooler temperatures. Walters says bees can actually keep their hive at around 90 degrees.

“The bees at about 57 degrees they start forming a cluster, huddling together to keep warm. And the colder it gets the tighter the cluster gets so even in the middle of winter if the hive is still alive in the very center where the queen is, it’ll be that temperature,” explained Walters.

You can find Miel at the Duluth Farmer’s Market on Saturdays or online here.

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