Boys & Girls Club Encourages Support for Mental Health Crisis Line

Several Duluth area groups working to raise funds

DULUTH, Minn. – A new, national suicide crisis line has been getting some attention, and there is a continued local effort to let people know about it.

It is called “Just Breathe 988.” Several Duluth area groups are coming together to raise funds for the Boys and Girls Club’s Mental Health Access program. The three-digit number works exactly like 9-1-1 calls. But 9-8-8 is for people with a mental health or substance abuse crisis. Duluth Rotary Club 25 is raising twenty-five thousand dollars, and this year’s Leadership Duluth Class hopes to match that.

Jerry Thoreson with the Chamber of Commerce Leadership Duluth program, said the mental health access program may help young people from having to use the crisis line in the first place, and urged people to consider donating.

“If you could, it’s such a need. These are some of the most vulnerable in our community. And the program is so valuable for these kids, to get initial mental health access,” Thoreson said.

Boys & Girls Club Resource Development Director, Tammy Sundbom, said the importance of the funding goes far beyond the 988 number itself. “Not only because of what this does, and it enables us to do with this program, but the awareness it brings to the community,” said Sundbom.

“By talking about mental health programs, we’re taking one step closer to accomplishing the goal, removing the stigmas, creating the conversations, and creating awareness. So that everyone in our community knows these resources are available. And on our level with the Boys & Girls Club, to know that we’re providing support to youth right here in a place that they know and trust,” she said.

The 9-8-8 number is answered around the clock, every day of the week. All calls are free and confidential.
If you would like to make a donation, you can go to

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