Coffee Conversation: Matrescence & The Evolution of Motherhood

DULUTH, Minn. — While Mother’s Day quickly approaches, the entire month of May is dedicated toward Maternal Mental Health Awareness. FOX21 caught up with a local Perinatal Mental Health Specialist to talk about matrescence — or the physical, mental, emotional, and social transitions a person goes through when becoming a mother.

The term matrescence was first coined by Dana Raphael in the 1970s. It can be described as a developmental process, just like the term adolescence, but instead focuses on identity changes and role confusion that mothers’ can experience. Duluth Perinatal Founder Celleste Schnellbach broke it all down Tuesday on our morning newscast.

Part-two of the conversation centered around what moms’ can do to navigate the evolution of motherhood, how to find balance and time for self-care/love, the different types of support systems (practical, informational, social, and natural, etc.), and how to give yourself grace during a time of both excitement and hardships.

For more information, resources, and support — click here to visit Duluth Perinatal.

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