Duluth City Council Votes to Use One-Time Money to Avoid Cuts

DULUTH, MINN. — Monday evening, the Duluth City Council voted 8 to 1 to use American Rescue Plan Funds to replace $382 Thousand Dollars that would have been trimmed from the city’s $107 million dollar budget.

“So tonight I am voting no, I didn’t want to cut police, I didn’t want to cut Fire, said council member Roz Randorf, “My vote No tonight is about the process, it was about this process. It was about the lack of transparency, it was about the entire way this whole thing went down and I’m very concerned that we couldn’t find $382,950 of savings in a $107 million dollar budget”.

Council member Arik Forsman echoed many of Randorf’s comments and added that in the future, any changes to the recommended budget presented to the council should be made much sooner in the process.

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