AAD Shriners Raise Money for Shriners Hospitals

DULUTH, MINN. —  The annual Hot Dog and Brat Sale to raise money for Shriner’s Hospitals for Children is taking place through Saturday in the Twin Ports.

The AAD Shriners is the group that is at the six sites this year. The hot dog and Brat sale was originally started by the Knights of Columbus. The Knights did it as a way to say thank you to the Shriners who had helped one of the Knight’s kids. When the Knights dropped out, the Shriners took over the sale and have been holding it for more than 20 years. In that time they’ve raised more than a half million dollars for the Shriner’s Hospitals.

“We really have a following,” said Denny Telegh, a long-time Shriiner. “There’s some, there are people from grade school that come by here and say, “Well, I’m back again,” you know..they’ll buy. They’ll come on back tomorrow we’re here four days, Wednesday through Saturday.”

For just three or four dollars, depending on if you have a hot dog or a brat, you get the sandwich plus potato chips and pop. The Shriners Hot Dog and Brat sale is at six of the Super One stores in the Twin Ports through Saturday. They are open from 10 to 5 each day.

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