UMD Students Donate Extra Food To Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank

DULUTH, Minn. — With the UMD school year over and students leaving, many students may have had extra food that they did not need.

Well for the last 2 weeks UMD has been collecting that extra food to donate it to Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank.

This year the donations were more than a UMD organizer says she has seen in a while. It was two mini vans and a truck full of food donations.

The donations were collected by the UMD Housing and Residence Life and is a tradition that started during the pandemic.

“I have worked some of the like food donations where we’re giving to people in the community and everyone is really thankful to be able to get the food and just be able to supplement things that they might not be able to afford or have access to on their own,” said Samantha Speaker, organizer of the end of the year food donations.

UMD also has a free store program for students to donate non-food items such as a futon. Students joining in the fall are then able to grab those items.

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