Minnesota DNR Provides Ideas For Other Ways To Fish Instead Of By Boat

MINNESOTA — The Minnesota fishing season opener is less than 2 days away and even if you don’t have a boat there are still plenty of ways to fish.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources recommends finding connections between lakes where water is flowing from one area to the next. That is where water is flowing under a bridge, and is public access, Township, or City property.

This is because this time of the year walleye and crappie are roaming near the shallows looking for food.

The DNR says shore fishing is a great way for people to learn how to fish.

“There’s 25% of our license buyers in the state that do not own a boat. So, they have to get to the water’s edge to fish and that can be hard so finding public access is important, but it’s probably the easiest thing to walk to a public access or shore along a park, fish and bring your family along. That’s how people learn how to fish and that’s what’s cool about the tradition of fishing,” said Jack Lauer, Southern Regional Fisheries Manager.

Again, the Minnesota fishing season opener starts this Saturday.

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