North Shore Camping Co. Brings Glamping To Beaver Bay

BEAVER BAY, Minn. — A new version of camping is starting up along the North Shore in Beaver Bay.

It’s a brand-new glamping resort called the North Shore Camping Co. And if you are wondering what glamping means, it’s glamorous camping, which is an easier way for people to get in touch with the outdoors.

Instead of packing a tent and bringing a lot of supplies, the glampground provides everything you need for cooking and sleeping. Campers even have access to a nice hot shower at the Base Lodge and Cove Point Lodge amenities.

“You know there’s a bigger call for folks to spend more time in nature, to spend more time outside, to spend more time with their families. You know doing quality things that make us feel better and this is a good way to get there,” said Kate Wiliams, Project Manager for the North Shore Camping Co.

And if you’re thinking why glamping, here’s what the project manager had to say.

“The ease. You know you don’t have to get all your gear together, get it out of the garage, get it in the car, pack it all in, get here, figure out what you’ve forgotten, go to the store, buy it, come back. You know and then when you’re finished you have to pack it all up, take it home, put it all away. We take all that away for you,” said Williams.

North Shore Camping Co. opens Friday. If you’re interested in glamping, go to their website here.

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