Some Area Trails Slowly Opening

Trail users urged to be careful and avoid damaging wet trails.
Natural Surface Trails To Be Closed Temporarily

[Duluth MN] The Duluth Parks and Recreation Department said some of its trails will be opening on Saturday at noon.

Thirteen of the local trails will be opening, but another eight remain closed. The Lake Superior Hiking Trail is also officially opening in some areas.
A big concern is over muddy areas that could damage trails if used too soon.

The department says that if the trail is muddy enough to leave footprints or tire tracks, you are asked to turn around and don’t use it until the trail dries.
If you hit a wet spot on an otherwise dry trail, you are asked to go through the wet area, rather than widen the trail by going around it.

The following list is from the Duluth Park and Recreation Department:
(*DT = Duluth Traverse).

Trails opening 12 noon Saturday.

  • Superior Hiking Trail
  • Grand Portage Trailhead to Magney Snively (including Ely’s Peak Loop)
  • North 24th Ave West Trailhead to UMD
  • Duluth Traverse Hiking/Biking Trails
  • Stone Age (DWP, Ely’s Peak)
  • Keene DT
  • Quarry Park / Bellevue Park
  • Kissing Booth Trail (Piedmont)
  • Craft Connector Trail (Enger/Central Park)
  • *Enger / Observation / Antenna Farm DT
  • *West Chester / Chester Bowl Rim
  • Morningside / Hawk Ridge DT
  • Other Hiking Areas
  • Lincoln Park Trails (above W 7th St)
  • Enger Park Trails
  • Chester Park, and Chester Creek Trails
  • Congdon Park Trails
  • Hawk Ridge Trails

The below trail areas remain closed:

  • Superior Hiking Trail
  • Magney Snively to North 24thAve Trailhead
  • UMD to Martin Road Trailhead
  • Mission Creek Trails
  • Spirit Mountain Trails
  • Fairmont DT
  • Kingsbury DT
  • Brewer Park Trails
  • Piedmont Trails
  • Hartley Park
  • Lester Park
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