Lake Ave Drive In Open For The Summer

ISLAND LAKE, Minn. — Although the weather might not say it, a sure sign of summer is happening near Island Lake. Lake Ave Drive In is officially open for its second year of operation.

The drive in is attached to the recently opened lake effect restaurant and bar. weather it’s the sit-down atmosphere of their restaurant or the more casual Lake Ave Drive in, management tells Fox21 that it was important for them to offer the variety of dining experiences to their customers.

“And that was the first question everybody gave us when they heard that we were moving up here they were like, well what are you gonna do with the snack shack? Is it still gonna be there? And we were like absolutely,” said Cullin Johns, General Manager, Lake Effect Restaurant & Bar. “So, if you’re out on the water and you’re trying to get home, you can pop in here. We got some delicious, tasty foods that you can get everybody fed.”

Located on County Road 4, if you decide to stop at Lake Ave Drive In, expect to dine on smash burgers, chicken tenders, walleye fillets, along with eight different flavors of ice cream.

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