Mother’s Day Chai Tea & More At ‘Kirsten Aune Textiles’

DULUTH, Minn. — In the heart of the Lincoln Park Craft District, Kirsten Aune Textiles served up some warm tea and cookies for people on Mother’s Day.

The textile shop sells various kinds of garments and clothing, but today they hosted their second-ever Mother’s Day event to celebrate and honor moms.

Homemade sweet and spicy chai tea was available for mothers and children coming for the event.

The shop also had a special pop-up from local maker Patty Sampson who showed off her new linen collection.

Besides delicious tea and treats, people could honor their mother by signing their name and writing a message to them.

Owner Kisten Aune herself remembered her late mom who inspired her craft.

“It’s heartwarming to celebrate your mom, my mom passed away, probably 30 years ago, I’m really thinking a lot about her today and her presence, and all of this is here because of, really her, and her support of me, raising me as a daughter and nurturing my artistic side,” said owner Kirsten Aune.

The shop also has classes teaching different techniques behind the art of making clothing and other handcrafted items, including upcoming stenciling classes and a hand stitching workshop.


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