Congdon Park Elementary Hosts Bike Rodeo to Promote Safe Riding

DULUTH, Minn. — Congdon Park Elementary School hosted a rodeo Tuesday, but not the kind you may think, this rodeo involved all things biking, from obstacle courses to maintenance clinics.

The third annual bike rodeo was filled with joy for both kids and parents.

Newer bikers could learn how to start, stop, and perform hand signals.

For more experience riders, DEVO Mountain Biking had a demo course, with wooden obstacles and even jumps.

The rodeo also invited people with scooters out to have fun, and even had helmets and extra bikes on hand.

The event helped promote a healthy lifestyle and get young kids interested in the world of biking.

“We rely on a lot of automobile for transportation, there’s a lot healthier ways that we can be active in our everyday, getting to school, getting to work, just being physically active, and bicycle is a great old fashioned way to be active and be healthy, so it gets parents out, it get’s kids out, they’re having fun, they’re moving their bodies,” said Katie Benziger, Bike Rodeo Co-Chair Organizer.

The bike rodeo was held to as part of the Congdon’s safe routes to school efforts.

There was also raffles for accessories and even a big prize of a brand new bike

Teaching kids at young age to bike safely was a big success as the event was packed with bikers.

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