DTA Holding Second “Your Turn to Drive” Event

DULUTH, MINN. — The Duluth Transit Authority or the DTA is holding a second “Your Turn to Drive” bus event this Friday and Saturday.

The event is designed to find new drivers as the system as the number of riders has increased and there’s a need for more drivers.

The one requirement to take part is to have a valid driver’s license.

A Duluth Transit Bus weighs about 32 thousand pounds and is 40 feet long. But don’t let these numbers keep you from signing up for a test drive. Especially if you think that a bus driver job may be one, you’re interested in as a career or a part-time job.

Rod Fournier, General Manager of DTA said, “I think when people get to the DTA, it’s not really a job, it’s a career. I think you’ll find the wage and benefit package at the DTA is conducive for a whole family. It’s probably one of the better ones in the region.”

Last year two or three new drivers joined after taking the test drive. This year the DTA has scheduled a training class for just two weeks after the event.

To sign up for Friday, the 19th, or Saturday the 20th, go to the DTA’s home page where there is a link to the signup page.

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