Final Days Of Filming For Christmas Movie At Bayfront Park

DULUTH, Minn. — It’s Christmas again in Duluth. Or at least it is on the set of the Duluth based movie, Rescuing Christmas.

Thursday was day 13 out of the 16-day shoot for the Christmas movie. They are working on their 3-day finale that takes place at Bayfront Park.

Weather has been playing a big role on production as they have had to deal with rain, sleet, and hot sunny days. As filming is coming to an end Director Emily Wilson says she is excited to use the authenticity of the town.

“We were there for a full week, and we sort of created a little mini movie backlot using businesses like Dovetail Coffee shop and OMC Smokehouse and some of the other local businesses around there,” said Wilson. “It’s so wonderful to sort of feel accepted by the own and the community and for people to be excited about movies.”

Since this is a Christmas movie set to explore the town of Duluth, they rely on many background volunteers. Anyone who is still interested has Friday from 3 to 10 p.m. to volunteer.

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