Minnesota DNR: Fawns Are Showing Up This Time Of Year, What To Do When You See Them

MINNESOTA — Around this time of year is when deer are starting to have fawns, and in many cases those fawns may be left unattended for hours.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says that is completely normal. A doe leaves her fawn where she feels is safe so she’s able to go and forage. The doe always comes back for the baby.

In urban places such as Duluth it’s normal to see fawns on lawns, in flower beds, near houses, or fences.

“It’s important that once you see a fawn on your property that you give it lots of space. You want to avoid stressing that animal out. You also want to give it space so that the mom is comfortable to come back for her fawn,” said Melissa Koelsch, Assistant Area Wildlife Manager for Southern St. Louis County.

The Assistant Area Wildlife Manager also says to keep kids and pets away from fawns as they can be very curious.

And if you’re wondering how long fawns can be seen left alone for hours at a time it is for the first few weeks of their lives.

“People could run into little fawns the next couple months. And then as we get into mid-summer, they’re more actively seen with their mom actively foraging as well,” said Koelsch.

If you have reason to believe a fawn is orphaned, the DNR suggests reaching out to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

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