Barry Family Fundraiser Raises Nearly $13K Toward Memorial At Chester Park

DULUTH, MINN. — It’s been just over a year since the tragic loss of the Barry family. Riana and Sean Barry along with their two daughters were killed by a relative as they slept in their beds in April of 2022.

Family and friends held a memorial fundraiser at the Other Place Bar and Grill Saturday. Those that knew the Barrys were able to share their memories of camping trips and school events with the family.

Since the family was buried in Alaska, people wanted a way to honor the family here in Duluth.

The fundraiser was designed to raise enough money to make a memorial for the family at Chester Park. Plus, they hope to raise enough to make Chester Park handicap accessible. Friends volunteered to set up a raffle, silent auction, and dinner to help reach the goal of $22,000.

“I feel like it’s going really well, there’s been a lot of people here filtering through buying things here,” said Eric Janson, a friend of the Barry family.” The silent auction I’m sure is a hit, there are a lot of different items for the silent auction, so it’s going really well. Help out and donate, there’s the Shiway and Sadie Barry memorial at Chester Park is a GoFundMe that’s set up and should be open for the next couple of months. Then there’s a Facebook page too where they can order stickers and whatnot.”

If you knew the Barry family or simply want to contribute to help to improve Chester Park in memory of the girls, you can make a donation at the GoFundMe page — “Shiway and Sadie Barry Memorial at Chester Park.”

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