Escape To Wonderland Immersive Experience At AAD Shrine Center

DULUTH, Minn. — It’s just a hop and skip down the rabbit hole to wonderland. Or at least at the AAD Shrine Center it is.

Wild Embers Event Services put on an immersive live set that takes you through Wonderland. The kids followed Alice through doors that transformed the room into a magical new world.

The 90-minute show allowed kids to have tea time and chat with their favorite characters. The Royal games were hosted by the Queen and everyone had a chance to win prizes. Here is what the Mad Hatter had to say.

“We are in wonderland; everyone gets to come in and talk to the flowers. We get to have a tea party; we get to see the caterpillar grow and then we get to play with the Queen. I mean we have to play with the Queen because what she says goes, but it’s fun and everyone gets a little treat to bring home so I think it’s great,” said Julie Bothun, actress/clown.

The improv was spectacular, and the kids all left with a smile on their face. They no longer have to dream of what it would be like to live in Wonderland.

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