Three New Officers Sworn In as Duluth Police Officers

DULUTH, MINN. — The Duluth Police Department welcomed new officers to the force and also recognized those people who had been promoted

This class of three officers being sworn in today was not as big as classes have been in the past.
Despite the small number of new officers, they had to go through the same requirements as the officers that came before them

These new officers applied to the police department last November. Police Chief Mike Ceynowa explained what these recruits had gone through since then. “During that time, you went through several interviews, a thorough background investigation, an intensive psychological examination, and a medical physical. All done to ensure that you had the character we expect in a Duluth police officer”

The new officers were not the only reason for the gathering. New promotions were also announced including a new Deputy Chief of the Patrol Division, Ryan Morris.

“It’s a very exciting time for me to get a chance to give back to the younger officers that are coming up after me,” said Deputy Chief Ryan Morris. “It’s a good time with the new leadership in the department.”

Morris went on to say that he finds it admirable for the new officers to join the force. He wants the community to remember that policing is still a noble profession. It’s needed and wanted by the community and there is a need for more people to become officers.

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