Author: Adrienne Robbins

Busiest Day of the Year for Marcus Theatre

The company offers five dollar movies on Tuesdays.

DULUTH, Minn.- The holidays can be a busy time for movie theaters but over at Marcus theatre the Tuesday after Christmas and before New Years is their biggest of the entire year. People heading to the movie theater to see all different kinds of films including the newest Star Wars movie. “This is the movie I’m looking forward to most…

Bentleyville Begins Long Tear-Down Process

Monday was the final day Bentleyville was open this year.

DULUTH, Minn.- Another Christmas season has ended and that means it is time to pack away the lights of Bentleyville. The last day to visit the Christmas town was Monday. On Tuesday a small group of volunteers started the long process of tearing it down. After another Christmas, Mayor of Bentleyville, Nathan Bentley is welcoming the tear-down this year. “Thinking…

Glensheen Unveils Candlelight Christmas Tours

Glensheen gives tours a new view of the mansion.

Many have toured Glensheen at all different times of the year but Monday night was the first time visitors got this view of the mansion. With only the glow of Glensheen’s 25 Christmas trees tours roamed the mansion. An idea that came from those who see Glensheen when the lights go out. “We were just closing at the end of…

Bentleyville Celebrates Christmas Season With Fireworks

Christmas is over but Bentleyville Opens for one final night.

Even though Sunday was Christmas, some people continued to celebrate by visiting Bentleyville one last time. Monday was the final night to walk through the Christmas town and to celebrate this holiday season Bentleyville gave their visitors a firework show, Keeping the Christmas season alive. “We just came from Christmas so we were just up and about and said why…

Few Travel, While Many Shop on the Day After Christmas

Shoppers filled the mall to spend Christmas gift cards but few were traveling on the icy roads.

Christmas Day may have been Sunday but due to poor road conditions, many extended their holiday to Monday. While others decided to brave the roads for shopping. “This thick sheet of ice we have out here has been a deterrent to customers coming in and out. Usually on a week day we’re pretty busy… Really, really slow today,” said Cameron…

Stafne’s Sacrifice Pays Off

Brionna Stafne had to sit out of varsity sports for one year to join the Mirage.

For Brionna Stafne hockey was always a family affair but after Brionna’s sophomore year, Cory Stafne’s contract with the northern stars wasn’t renewed. “I’m super close with my parents so it would have been uncomfortable to go back into a setting that didn’t like support him,” said Brionna. “It made sense to open enroll at Hermantown rather than continue at…

Minnesota Goes Home With Two Wins From UMD

The Bulldogs lost two in a row to the golden gophers

Before Friday the bulldogs were on a three game win streak and looking like themselves again after a rough January. Then the golden gophers came to town and UMD took a hard loss last night to Minnesota 3 to 7. Saturday they went round two with Minnesota.