Author: Joey Norton

UMD Author is ‘Making Waves’ by Bringing to Light Feminism in the Northland

Book talk and bookfair in support of YWCA Duluth-Girl Power

In the late 1970s, a wave of feminism was just washing up onto the shores of the Twin Ports area. The impact of this era has had a lasting impact on the region, beginning with one of the first rape crisis programs and battered women’s shelters in the nation.

LED Light Concerns In Duluth

Are The Lights Too Bright?

The city of Duluth has thrived with tourism and the money it draws from those coming to visit from out of townSome of that money is being spent on very bright four thousand kelvin led light bulbs to light the city streets and business districts.All though its seems like a money saving idea, some are saying the lights are just too bright.

Fall Warning For Drivers

Shorter daylight hours causes more accidents

Shorter daylight hours in fall increase the concern for vehicle versus pedestrian accidents and in turn makes fall the deadliest months of the year for such accidents.Because of these accidents the Minnesota department of transportation wants to raise awareness for motorist and pedestrians to respect all laws and use common sense to insure the safest environment possible during the fall months.