Author: Kendra Sommer

Younkers Gives Back To The Community

Younkers is giving the Duluth-Superior community another reason to love coupons. Younkers is hosting community days where the company distributes coupon booklets to Twin Port charities such as Animal Allies, Boy Scouts and many charities.”We are very proud to be part of our community and this is just our example of giving back. And we are proud to continue to serve the community that we are a part of.” Tricia Buckmaster Younkers store manager said.The coupon books can be redeemed at any of the Younkers store locations and at

900 Million Dollar Jackpot

The largest U.S. lottery jackpot in history is on the line as this Saturday night’s Powerball drawing approaches.  The  $900 million jackpot has unleashed a lotto craze nationally and locally.Since Wednesday’s Powerball tickets have been estimated  at $500 million. And if no one wins tonight’s jackpot the Powerball is projected to go to $1.3 billion. 

Changing The Range

Change The Range warms not only the hands of Iron Range Community but the heart as well.Jackets, scarves and mittens are hung on tree and fence posts around town. After a few postings on social media; the campaign blew up. 

Hartley Park Lawsuit

Improvements to Hartley Park have been postponed due to a lawsuit being filed. The suit was issued by Dan Mundt the Director of Gender Matters Inc. a non-profit that works outdoors with students. 

Duluth Community Remembers Victims Of Gun Violence

Monday marks the third anniversary of Sandy Hook, the elementary school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut that claimed the lives of 26 people, with 20 of those killed being children. And it’s been almost two weeks since the horrific shooting that occurred in California killing 14. Members from all part of the Northland Community took part in Monday’s demonstration to remember victims of gun violence. 

The Nutcracker Opens

The Duluth Entertainment Convention Center welcomes The Minnesota Ballet’s performance of the Christmas Classic The Nutcracker. This year marks a special 50th anniversary for the company. And it’s not only the community who is taking notice of the milestone. 

‘Duluth Seven’ Holds Demonstration About Enbridge

The “Duluth Seven,” as they are calling themselves, held a demonstration outside the St. Louis County Courthouse to address the new pipeline proposals. The group of seven protesters tried to recently deliver a letter of concern to the Enbridge offices over their new proposals, but they were arrested.