Author: Nathaniel LeCapitaine

Lumberjack World Championships Begin in Hayward

HAYWARD, Wis.-The Lumberjack World Championships have kicked off in Hayward as thousands are expected to attend this year’s annual event. The international competition showcases the best in sawing, chopping, speed climbing, and log rolling. Above, check out Fox 21’s Nathaniel LeCapitaine’s full report. Click here for a full schedule of events. Categories: Links, News, News – Latest News

Lake Nebagamon Man Creates Custom Rides

Walt Moss Shares Passion for Custom Vehicles

LAKE NEBAGAMON, Wis. – A Wisconsin man is known around his small town for his custom creations. They’re vehicles not seen before, because they’re creations Walt Moss has come up with himself. Moss is the owner of Walt Moss Trucking, Inc., but his obsession with going fast started many years ago. “Probably when I was about 12 years old when…