DOC’S Sports Bar and Grill

Food and Drink Specials For All

Duluth tourism is booming! With a booming tourist industry,  small businesses close to the area able to tap in to the millions of dollars traveling along interstate 35 year around.In this week’s knowing your neighbor, we take you to DOC’S, a Sports Bar in Sturgeon Lake, MN.

National Traffic Incident Response Week Raises Awareness for First Responders

WisDOT reminds the public to slow down and move over for emergency vehicles

Traffic Incident Response Week is a time to recognize emergency responders and their tireless effort to help save lives at the scenes of traffic incidents across the country. Every year hundreds of emergency responders representing fire, law enforcement, emergency medical services, towing, and transportation agencies lose their lives while responding to incidents. 

Yellowjackets Honor Veterans Past and Present

UWS held a special award ceremony on campus for veterans

The University of Wisconsin-Superior honored its own this morning at a special awards ceremony at the Yellowjacket Student Union on campus.Veterans past and present are honored for their service, with University Chancellor Renee Wachter proclaiming UWS as a veteran-friendly campus.“Many of these men and women left behind children, mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, friends, knowing that there was a very real possibility that they might not return,” Chancellor Wachter said in her opening remarks.The university invited alumni veterans to speak, not just to tell stories of their service, but to give insight to why holidays like Veterans Day are still necessary.“I’m often asked did I come from a military family?  And I say, ‘Well, no, I came from an American family with military members who served,’” said Thomas Culbert, a UWS graduate who served in the United States Air Force.Culbert told the crowd four moments in his life that struck him as particularly significant when he reflects on his career in the US military.

Texas Roadhouse Serves Up Meals for Veterans

Vets were honored today with free meal

Some businesses are going the extra mile to help honors area vets today.Texas Roadhouse in Duluth was filled to the brim since it opened at 10:30 this morning.Veterans were able to order a free meal from a special menu during the lunch hour earlier this morning.We spoke to James and Beverly McIntosh, a husband and wife with more than 60 years of combined military service between them.They say while it’s great to feel appreciated, there’s more that can be done for veterans young and old. “It’s just too bad that there’s not enough emphasis put on veterans. Especially their medical care,” said Beverly McIntosh, who served from 1972 until 1997, working IT her whole life. Beverly’s husband says while it’s nice to be appreciated, most veterans feel humble when thanked for their service.“We enlisted to do what we were asked to do and that’s it,” he said.  “We don’t need any recognition; if you want to recognize and say thank you, that’s fine.  But a veteran isn’t going to walk up and say ‘Hey – I served, what do you think of that?’”Staff members at Texas Roadhouse acknowledged that it would likely be busy all day, but they say they’re happy to work the extra hours on the special holiday.

Sneak Peak as Local Businesses Gear Up in the Duluth Winter Village

The Winter Village will be held at Glensheen Mansion and feature 30 local businesses

A winter village will soon pop up in Duluth, all aimed at promoting local businesses.The Duluth Winter Village will feature 30 local businesses vending out of locally made log cabins.We got a sneak peek at those cabins when the event was officially announced earlier this morning.Organizers say they’re happy so many local businesses are able to come together and support each other.“Organizations like Duluth Loves Local, networking events, Eat Downtown, Greater Downtown Council, all these wonderful things that [help us] support each other and help prop each other up,” said Winter Village board member Patrick Moore.Moore says he and his group, who self-funded this event through private sponsorships, have been planning for a year.“About six months ago we got a good response and started to put feelers out into the community – in the business community,” he remembers.  “And we got people that were just overwhelmingly supportive of the idea and thought it was as fantastic as we did.”The Winter Village will be open December 3 and 4, from 10am to 5:30pm at Glensheen Mansion.Admission is free, parking is free, and there will be a free shuttle for overflow parking at Congdon Park Elementary and UMD Parking Lot B.