Secret Forest Playschool Fundraising for New Classroom

The Hands-On Learning School is Looking to Expand with a Cabin Classroom

The cold isn’t putting a damper on fundraising efforts for one Playschool in the Northland. Secret Forest Playschool is now located in the Eastridge Community Church in Duluth. Founder Meghan Morrow would like to expand her efforts with a new Cabin Classroom. She opened the hands-on learning opportunity back in the fall of 2012, and has since helped dozens of…

Yellowjackets Honor Veterans Past and Present

UWS held a special award ceremony on campus for veterans

The University of Wisconsin-Superior honored its own this morning at a special awards ceremony at the Yellowjacket Student Union on campus.Veterans past and present are honored for their service, with University Chancellor Renee Wachter proclaiming UWS as a veteran-friendly campus.“Many of these men and women left behind children, mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, friends, knowing that there was a very real possibility that they might not return,” Chancellor Wachter said in her opening remarks.The university invited alumni veterans to speak, not just to tell stories of their service, but to give insight to why holidays like Veterans Day are still necessary.“I’m often asked did I come from a military family?  And I say, ‘Well, no, I came from an American family with military members who served,’” said Thomas Culbert, a UWS graduate who served in the United States Air Force.Culbert told the crowd four moments in his life that struck him as particularly significant when he reflects on his career in the US military.