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Northland Winter Weather Outlook 2018-2019

Wondering What This Northland Winter Has In Store? Check Out The Fox 21 Weather Teams Forecast

DULUTH, Minn. – Halloween is right around the corner.  Along with the parties, kids are getting ready for trick-or-treating.  But, Northlanders know that the weather can very well be more of a trick rather than a treat. Last year, just in time for Halloween weekend, more than ten inches of snow fell in Duluth.  While an inconvenience, that pales in…

Special Report: The Fight Against Distracted Driving

Throughout Distracted Driving Awareness Month, 83 Citations Were Given to Distracted Drivers in the Duluth District

DULUTH, Minn. – According to the organization We Save Lives, millennials find distracted drivers scarier than public speaking, spiders, snakes and even death. It’s why local advocates and law enforcement are continuing to spread a strong message to drivers who chose to engage in other activities while behind the wheel. “When you’re driving, just concentrate on driving,” said Lt. Jason…

POSTGAME INTERVIEWS: Minnesota Duluth Wins Second National Title in School History

UMD is College Hockey's 2018 National Champions

ST.PAUL, Minn.- On a historic night at the Xcel Energy Center the University of Minnesota Duluth captured their second National Championship in program history 2-1 over Notre Dame, outshooting the Irish 35-20. In front of a home-state crowd of 18,303 UMD struck first as Senior Captain, and Esko native, Karson Kuhlman scored the game’s first goal on an assist from Jade…

Special Report: Flying High With Life Link’s Life Savers

DULUTH, Minn. – Police, fire and medical are three professions where people are trained to help us – often during the worst times of our lives. In a special report called “Life Savers,” FOX 21’s Dan Hanger introduces you to some of the men and women who not only help on the ground but also thousands of feet in the air….

Monday Night At 9: “Life Savers”

DULUTH, Minn. – Emergency calls in the Northland can be tricky because of our landscape and rural areas. But Life Link III is designed to help save lives in those very places. In a special report Monday night at nine, FOX 21’s Dan hanger introduces you to a high-flying team of medical and aviation experts who go on the front…

Northlanders Take on Extreme Freeze for Cold Camping

Special Report: Extreme Camping

DULUTH, Minn. – On a cold winter day, heading out to camp may not be the ideal way most people would want to spend their time. However, hundreds of people live to get outdoors during the wintertime. Cold camping is a passion of Brian and Miranda Gustad and their friends. “Not too many people get out and do this so…

Special Report: Preparing for Performance at the NorShor

After Eight Years of Discussion and Renovations, New Life, New Legacy Takes Center Stage at Dultuh's NorShor Theatre

DULUTH, Minn. – Since 1914, the Duluth Playhouse has managed to captivate audiences from around the world. Now, they’re hoping a new venue they manage known as the NorShor Theatre, will help attract thousands more to the area for years to come. Recent revitalization is proving to be meaningful for many as the production of Mamma Mia! takes center stage….

Special Report: Behind the Curtain at the NorShor Theatre

After Eight Years of Discussion and Renovations, New Life, New Legacy Takes Center Stage at Dultuh's NorShor Theatre

DULUTH, Minn. – After years of anticipation and countless hours of hard labor, the NorShor Theatre in downtown Duluth is now officially open. On Thursday, February 1, the Duluth Playhouse along with the City of Duluth and Sherman Associates welcomed the community to the next chapter of life at the historic theatre along Superior Street. “Here we are! Eight years…

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church Looks Forward to New Year with New Hope

Almost two years after the fire, Gloria Dei plans to rebuild

DULUTH, MINN.-  It’s been almost two years since Gloria Dei Lutheran Church caught fire but this Christmas they are looking forward to the future, instead of the past. This week the church is expected to receive their permit from the city to begin construction and to celebrate Gloria Dei held a groundbreaking prayer on Christmas Eve.   Categories: Community, News,…

FOX 21 Exclusive: Jim Carlson Breaks Silence From Prison

After more than four years in prison, former Last Place on Earth owner Jim Carlson speaks to FOX 21 in his first television interview.

DULUTH, Minn. – In a FOX 21 exclusive, former Last Place on Earth owner Jim Carlson breaks his silence to FOX 21’s Dan Hanger. It’s his first television interview since he went to prison four years ago and since he got his lengthy sentence a year after that. In part one, we talk about Carlson’s life behind bars, if he…

SPECIAL REPORT: Jim Carlson — From Prison


Join us Monday and Tuesday for a two-part special report, Jim Carlson — From Prison, from FOX 21’s Dan Hanger. Jim Carlson operated Last Place on Earth in downtown Duluth for over 30 years, which openly sold synthetic drugs to long lines of customers every day. His shop received international attention, but was eventually raided and shut down. Carlson faced…

Special Report: Finding Pet Friendly Housing in the Northland

Landlords and Pet Owners Open Up Regarding Pet Friendly Rules and Regulations When it Comes to Renting in Duluth

DULUTH, Minn. – According to the American Pet Products Association, nearly 85 million families in the United States own a pet. As more and more people are purchasing animals, many are also deeming it difficult to find their family a forever home. Every year, thousands are descending on Duluth; human beings constantly on the move in today’s ever changing world….

SPECIAL REPORT: Pet Predicaments

Join us Wednesday night for a special report, Pet Predicaments, from FOX 21’s Brett Scott. He’s taking a look at the struggles that pet owners face when looking for housing in the Northland, as well as chatting with a local landlord about what they face when dealing with tenants and pets.   Categories: Features, Special Reports

Special Report: Early Education

State Funding Sends Thousands of Young Minnesotans to Preschool

MINNESOTA – More than 20,000 of  Minnesota’s 4-year-olds are heading to preschool this year because of state funding. This has been great news for some rural Northland areas. However, it is having an impact on area child care centers. As a result of the 2017 Legislative Session, Minnesota lawmakers are providing $50 million in new, one-time funding to 59 school…

Special Report: Investigating Lake Superior Mysteries

Is Lake Superior An Open Door for the Paranormal?

Lake Superior has taken the lives of roughly 10,000 people with fierce weather, and ever-changing conditions out on the water. There are said to be about 350 shipwrecks in her waters, but what’s very unsettling are the dozens of ships that disappeared without a trace and still are yet to be found. It’s said the lake never gives up her…

Duluthians Share First Hand Experience During Vegas Shooting

LAS VEGAS, NV- FOX 21 sat down with two Duluthians via Facebook messenger earlier this afternoon, who described first hand the horrible events from last night’s attack. 28-year-old Briana Hess and 32-year-old Jolene Luczak share their story. “It started again, da da da da da da da and Jason Aldean, he kind of hesitated and then he turned around and…

New Strategies In Place For Missing Duluth Couple Case

Command Center And Agencies State Wide Are Now On The Case

Saturday August 5th, It was day 8 of the missing Duluth couple Ron and Mary Tarnowski. Saturday hundreds gathered at the Tarnowski home in hopes that a search party would bring them home. “We are not giving up hope. We’re keeping our heads held high, we’re going to be strong, and we’re going to bring mom and dad home. But…

Special Report: Final Farewells

Rural Northland Towns Struggle to Staff Honor Guards

DULUTH, Minn. – The end of a life can be one of the hardest experiences for a family to get through. The presentation of military honors at a veteran’s funeral can give that last bit of pride to the deceased. Unfortunately, across America, there is a struggle to keep honor guards staffed, and it’s even harder in rural areas. “They…

SPECIAL REPORT: Final Farewells


Join us for this special report, as FOX 21’s Natalie Froistad digs deeper into what the Northland is doing to battle a shortage of people to perform rites, like playing TAPS and flag presentations, at military funerals. The shortage has been leaving veterans without these rites. Tune into the FOX 21 News at 9 for Final Farewells on Wednesday, July…

Special Report: The Science, Madness Behind Potholes

DULUTH, Minn. – It’s the same old problem that plagues the Northland year after year – those tire- eating, car-breaking potholes. In a special report, FOX 21’s Dan Hanger introduces you to MnDOT workers who work tirelessly to prevent and patch our crumbling roads.  And you’ll also get an inside look at the science behind this type of never ending…

SPECIAL REPORT: The Science Behind Potholes


They’re part of a vicious cycle every year, potholes. They ruin tires and suspensions, but there is hope that science can help solve this ongoing headache once and for all. Join us as our own Dan Hanger looks into the latest scientific developments in fixing and prevent potholes in this special report on FOX 21 News at 9, on Sunday,…

Surviving The Boundary Waters Severe Weather

Meteorologist Brittney Merlot Takes Us Deep Into The Vast Wilderness When The Weather Turns Severe.

Meteorologist Brittney Merlot takes us back into some remote Boundary Waters locations that were in the direct path of severe weather. While talking to two survivors of the 1999 and 2016 blow down that brought 70-80mph winds through the wilderness and how they survived. “On my way to the lake a very large trees went over and it went over…

Inside the Boundary Waters

Meteorologist Brittney Merlot Takes Us Deep Into The Vast Wilderness To Prepare For All Types Of Weather.

The vast wilderness of the Boundary Waters  is in our backyard with thousands of visitors a year. It has the highest point in Minnesota and some of the oldest rock on Earth. But what about the weather when you head into the wilderness? How can you prepare? Our very own Meteorologist Brittney Merlot recently spent a lot of time in…

SPECIAL REPORT: Braving the Storm

Join us for a two-part special report from FOX 21 Meteorologist Brittney Merlot, as she takes us into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and teaches us what we need to know and prepare for, when severe weather strikes. Catch part-one Tuesday, July 18 and part-two on Wednesday, July 19. Categories: Features, Special Reports

SPECIAL REPORT: Coaching from the Stands


Those who have attended a sporting event know that crowds can get a little rowdy. Parents in the stands cheering for their player, but sometimes they start to take the game a little too seriously. Verbal jabs at competitors, yelling at their kids, or even getting on coaches and umps about a bad call.; it can be a distraction to…

SPECIAL REPORT: Exploring the Depths of Lake Superior


Join us Thursday, July 6 on FOX 21 News at 9 for a special report, Exploring the Depths of Lake Superior, from our own Nikki Davidson. She’s taking us on an adventure with a team of researchers uncovering something left unexplored for 97 years at the bottom of Lake Superior. We’re diving 650 feet below the surface during this special…

Special Report: Setting Sail with Superior Pursuits

For Captain Parker Bambenek, it took a tragedy to realize what he wanted as a summer career

DULUTH, Minn. – Every year thousands of people, whether local or visiting, love to fish in the Northland. However, adventure seekers are now taking to the big lake more than ever before, boosting the local economy. One Captain we caught up with says it’s not always easy for charter fishing companies to make a go of it in a competitive…

SPECIAL REPORT: Charter Fishing with Superior Pursuits


Join us Thursday, June 29, as we brave the waters of Lake Superior with FOX 21’s Brett Scott and Captain Bambenek of Superior Pursuits. Captain Bambenek will share his story of getting involved in the business and show us just what goes into the charter fishing business. A business that brings both local folks and people from around the world…

Special Report: The Toxic Chemicals In Modern-Day Fires

Firefighters Need Funding For Equipment to Limit Exposure

They risk their lives to save ours every day, but as time passes we’re losing a lot of firefighters to the invisible danger of cancer. According to a study from the CDC, about 68 percent of firefighters end up getting cancer compared to around 22 percent of the general public. At this point there isn’t a lot of information yet…

Special Report: What’s Killing Our Firefighters

Duluth Firefighters Remember The Ones Lost To Cancer

It takes a certain kind of person to run toward a fire, to answer a stranger’s call for help. Firefighters spend their lives putting themselves in harm’s way, and to the general public they almost seem invincible. They come back out of burning buildings seemingly unscathed time and time again. Fairly new information now suggests the real danger for firefighters…

TWO PART SPECIAL: Cancer Connections


Join us on Monday May 15 and Tuesday May 16, for a two-part special report, Cancer Connections, from FOX 21’s Nikki Davidson, as she introduces us to some major health concerns and risks that firefighters are facing everyday. From the risks of cancer to the toxicity of new building materials, these firefighters aren’t just battling the flames while on the…

Wish Babies Bringing Happiness to Homes

Carol Pederson Has Dealt With the Loss of Her Daughter, a Cancer Diagnosis, and Life's Unforgettable Lessons

DULUTH, Minn. – One Duluth woman, living through a roller coaster of unfortunate events, is now looking to brighten her mood by bringing smiles to others’ faces. Wish Babies were born, after one life was lost. New Jersey Native turned Florida girl, Carol Pederson has dealt with a strong dose of reality over her lifetime. “My husband, Greg, was diagnosed…

Wisconsin Governor’s Fishing Home Opener

Anglers headed out to their favorite fishing spot on Saturday morning

It’s that time of year again when anglers are arriving in schools, launching their boats at Lake Namakagon. Motors tilt into the water for the first time of 2017 as anglers headed out to their favorite fishing spot on Saturday morning. “It’s always fun to get out fishing it doesn’t matter if it’s cold or warm or whatever any day…

How Northland Photographers Share Their Art in the Digital Age

Special Report: Top Photographers, Part Two

EVELETH, Minn. – With just a gentle breeze blowing through newly-budding trees, we are walking a trail around Fayal Pond near the town of Eveleth. There are turtles mating on logs near the edge of the pond. We’re walking toward a bridge that Paul Pluskwik has taken photos near many times. This is just one of the places in northern…

Sharing the Beauty of the Northland One Photo at a Time

Special Report: Top photographers give an inside look at how they capture stunning scenes throughout northern Minnesota

NORTH SHORE, Minn. – It’s an absolutely perfect sunny day on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Just a day shy of a major storm, the wind is calm but the waves are crashing against the rocks on the shoreline. “It’s just raw beauty,” says Christian Dalbec, clad in a wet suit and a pair of pants he shyly admits…

TWO PART SPECIAL: Top Photographers


DULUTH, Minn. – The Northland is home to many talented photographers, who work to capture the abundant beauty the area has to offer. There are those who simply enjoy capturing the moment and posting to social media, and there are others who have come to call this passion their job. FOX 21 Meteorologist William Seay will catch up with a…

Storm Claims Four Lives: 50 Years Later

Special Report: Deadly Storm

DULUTH, Minn. – 50 years ago wicked weather caused a tragedy that is still breaking hearts today. “I didn’t know what was happening up here and the tragedy that was unfolding,” said Capt. Tom Mackay, a friend of storm victim Edgar Culbertson. As Sunday, April 30, 1967, came to a close it took four lives with it. Three young men, 16-year-old…

SUNDAY: Deadly Storm, A Look Back on a Storm that Took 4 Lives

Join Natalie Froistad as we remember the tragic day, 50 years ago

It’s been 50 yeas since one of the most notorious weather-related tragedies in Duluth history. On April 30, 1967, a terrible storm stirred up waves on Lake Superior. Three teenagers went out to watch these waves at the end of the pier in Canal Park, when they were swept away. Another man, a Coast Guardsman, died trying to rescue them….

2017 American Birkebeiner Cancelled

Birkie Fever Continues Despite the Cancellation

For only the second time in 44 years all ski races set for this weekend’s Annual American Birkebeiner have been cancelled. The only other time this happened was in 2000. Organizers for North America’s largest cross country ski race held out hope for this weekend as a potential snow storm was on the horizon. Last minute efforts started early as…

A Long Wait: Untested Sexual Assault Kits Part 1

Duluth Ranks No. 1 in the State for Untested Sexual Assault Kits

DULUTH, Minn. – In 2015 Duluth earned a notorious title, one that put a dark spot on hope for sexual assault survivors. Out of the entire state, the city is No. 1 in the amount of untested rape kits sitting shelved in the evidence room, 578 kits to be exact and some 23 years old. The information came out after…

SPECIAL REPORT: A Long Wait, Rape Kits Unprocessed

Join us for Part One, Wednesday after Star and Part Two, Thursday after My Kitchen Rules

There’s a major backlog when it comes to processing rape kits in St. Louis County. It’s a problem throughout the state, but the number of pending kits is the highest, right here, in St. Louis County. Approximately one of every five untested kits is waiting in St. Louis County; some of them dating back to the 1980s. We’ll discover the…