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Dating Dangers: Online Dating in the Northland

Special Report: Avoiding Internet Scams

DULUTH, Minn. – Finding the love of your life and being part of a happy, lasting relationship is a reason many head online to connect with someone special. “I was attracted to online dating because it kind of narrows the playing field a little bit,” said a Minnesota man looking for love, “the idea of like going out to a…

SPECIAL REPORT: Dating Dangers

Join us for our Special Report: Dating Dangers, Tuesday after Bones

Join us Tuesday, February 14 after Bones, for our special report, Dating Dangers. While online dating has worked for many, there are some who have fallen victim to con artists looking to steal their possessions and even their identities. FOX 21’s Natalie Froistad will look at how people can avoid becoming a victim of potential scams associated with online dating….

Special Report: The Canadian Connection | Part Two

FOX 21's Brett Scott Speaks with Local Tourism Officials and Business Owners on Canadian Cash Flow in the Northland

TWO HARBORS, Minn. – Nearly fourteen million Canadians call the Province of Ontario home. Located directly north of Minnesota, thousands of our northern neighbors travel south each year. “A lot of them are on their way to Mall of America, and we are one of their major stops,” said Anna Klobuchar with Visit Cook County. Many miles separate the Canadian…

Special Report: The Canadian Connection | Part One

FOX 21's Brett Scott examines the Canadian Cash Flow into the Twin Ports

GRAND PORTAGE, Minn. – Over 150 miles separate the Twin Ports from our northern border. Each year hundreds of thousands of Canadians travel along Highway 61, making their way down to invest in our local economy. “We see four-hundred, five-hundred, up to one-thousand packages a day.” Jaime Spry, General Manager at Ryden’s Border Store, might be decking the halls while…

SPECIAL REPORT: Canadian Connection Part 2

Join us on Thursday, February 9 for Part Two of our Special Report: Canadian Connection

Join us on Thursday after My Kitchen Rules, for a special report on the Canadian Connection with FOX 21’s Brett Scott. We’ll take a look at how important our neighbors to the north are to our local economies, and just why they’ve chosen the Twin Ports to flock to.       Categories: Business, News, News – Latest News, Special…

SPECIAL REPORT: Canadian Connection Part 1

Join us for Part One of our Special Report: Canadian Connection on Wednesday after Star

Join us on Wednesday after Star, for a special report on the Canadian Connection with FOX 21’s Brett Scott. We’ll take a look at how important our neighbors to the north are to our local economies, and just why they’ve chosen the Twin Ports to flock to. Brett will also take us to some area businesses near the border and…

SPECIAL REPORT: Extreme Skiing

Join us Sunday, February 6 for this special report on a growing sport in the Northland

Join us on Sunday after the Super Bowl and 24 Legacy, for a special report on an extreme sport that has called the Northland home: Extreme Skiing. We’ll check out some of the awesome stunts that these athletes perform, from rails to jumps, you’ll see it all. Join us on Sunday for FOX 21 News to learn more about this…

The Coldest Place: How A Small Minnesota Town Earned the State’s Frigid Title

On February 2, 1996, two Minnesota towns battled to set a new record cold temperature

TOWER, Minn. – 21 years ago, the air temperature in Tower, Minnesota hit a chilly 60 degrees below zero. The town, with a population of 500, nestled in the Northland, is the coldest location based on average winter temperatures east of the Great Plains. “So here I am, in the coldest place there is in America,” said Randy Semo, owner…

2016 Year in Review: October through December

The last months of the year saw headlines like Bob Dylan winning a Nobel prize to the close 8th district race between Nolan and Mills.

The last few months of the year saw Duluth’s first homicide of the year to Superior Mayor Bruce Hagen resigning to the extremely close 8th district race between Rick Nolan and Stewart Mills. Hibbing native and Duluth-born Bob Dylan received the Nobel prize in literature in October. Dylan is only the second Minnesotan to receive the award. In honor of…

Feds Deny Mineral Leases to Twin Metals

Ely Community Torn Over Feds Decision

ELY, Minn- Mixed feelings in Ely as the Federal government released its decision not to renew mineral leases for the Twin Metals mining project. Ely Mayor Chuck Novack says, “Totally contrary to what’s in law right now. There’s a zone around the boundary waters to protect it.” The decision came in the wake of wide spread concerns from environmental advocates…

A Company Town: The Story of Silver Bay

Back in The Day: Combining Taconite With Tourism

“When I was little on the farm, I didn’t know very many people because there wasn’t many people here. I lived here before Silver Bay even did,” said Jenny Hanson, a resident of Silver Bay.

DOC’S Sports Bar and Grill

Food and Drink Specials For All

Duluth tourism is booming! With a booming tourist industry,  small businesses close to the area able to tap in to the millions of dollars traveling along interstate 35 year around.In this week’s knowing your neighbor, we take you to DOC’S, a Sports Bar in Sturgeon Lake, MN.

Ginos Hunt for the Best Burger Part 2

Traveling Across the Northland to Find the Best Burger

Burgers are one of Americas more iconic foods. Earlier tonight we learned about raising the cattle to get that good quality beef and stopped by one of The Northlands favorite restaurants for some burger samples. Now we continue our search for the best burger around starting off literally in the middle of nowhere.

El Niño In The Northland, Part 2

A Warmer Winter Will Affect Northland Businesses

Through the first half of November, the average temperature for Duluth has been the second warmest on record. While we have cooled off to more seasonable values, lately snow cover is still lacking. Northland businesses are feeling the impact because of this, some for the better, others, for worse.