News Update

Nikki’s Notebook: Lessons On the Superior Hiking Trail

Man Plans to Walk Entire Trail To Pick Up Trash

As it continues to warm up, more hikers are hitting the trails, and thanks to a program through Granite Gear one Duluth man is on a mission to hike all 300 miles of the Lake Superior Hiking trail. He’s doing the hike to teach an important lesson, the value of respecting our planet. Lloyd Fisher is one of 15 people…

Ray “Skip” Sandman Running for Seat in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District

He Plans to Run on a Progressive Platform

DULUTH, Minn.- Ray Skip Sandman announced that he will be running for Congress in Minnesota’s 8th congressional district. Sandman is a Vietnam veteran and a former corrections officer. He says he plans to run on a progressive platform advocating for women’s health, protecting the environment and raising the minimum wage, but is still unsure what party he plans to represent….

Grandma’s Boxcar Open for the Season

Canal Park Favorite Serves Ice Cream, Hot Dogs, Sandwiches

DULUTH, Minn. – Another sign of summer: In Canal Park, the Boxcar Ice Cream Machine is back open for the season. You probably recognize the small business. It’s right next to the historic Grandma’s Restaurant. Ice cream, hot dogs, popcorn, and sandwiches bought right out the doors of this old boxcar. “I mean, it’s just kind of unique,” says Max…

National Tourism Rally in Duluth

Tourism is a Leading Contributor that Helped Shape Duluth's Economy.

It’s National Tourism Week and of course the tourism industry stands out in Duluth. Some say, it’s thanks in part to one man, whose efforts were celebrated at the Visit Duluth Annual Meeting and Luncheon on Tuesday. Tourism in Duluth all started with Grandmas Marathon and ever since, events like Blues Fest, the air show and much more has helped…

Mother Pleads For Answers In Unsolved Hit and Run

Scott Christensen Was Killed Seven Months Ago

Seven months after losing her son, one Iron Range mother is hoping someone out there can help her find closure. Rita Licari wants answer about what happened to her son, Scott Christensen the night he died. Investigators say Christensen was hit and killed on Highway 100 near Aurora sometime before 4 a.m. Oct. 2 of 2016, but they still don’t…

Nikki’s Notebook: Title IX Rule Keeps Boys Off Dance Team

Superior Dancer Not Allowed To Compete In Competition With Minnesota Judges

A lot has changed in the past 30 years when it comes to high school athletic competitions, but a law in Minnesota has got some students and parents questioning what’s fair and if it’s time for a change. A Minnesota law that hasn’t been updated since the 1970’s is keeping some athletes out of competition, most recently its kept a…

Wisconsin Governor’s Fishing Home Opener

Anglers headed out to their favorite fishing spot on Saturday morning

It’s that time of year again when anglers are arriving in schools, launching their boats at Lake Namakagon. Motors tilt into the water for the first time of 2017 as anglers headed out to their favorite fishing spot on Saturday morning. “It’s always fun to get out fishing it doesn’t matter if it’s cold or warm or whatever any day…

Duluth Firefighters Hold Pinning Ceremony

New Hires and Promotions Honored

A new firefighter tradition continued in Duluth Wednesday, giving recognition to firefighters who have excelled at the job. At the Duluth Depot, the fire department held the second annual pinning ceremony. New firefighters and those recently given promotions were honored as well as the Kiwanis Firefighter of the Year. Family members and the firefighter’s children were able to pin the…