Huskies a Northland Tradition

Players Enjoying the New Challenges & Experiences

The Duluth Huskies have been a staple in the Northland for summer ball players who are experiencing new challenges.”It’s a little different than school ball because we play every day. It’s more of a minor league setting because we’re on the road and back at home and on the road again. It’s been an adjustment, but it’s been good,” said pitcher Austin Carpenter.

Great Outdoors: Color 4 Hope 5K

A Run with Color, Community and Outdoor Fun

Northlanders are finally able to enjoy being outdoors and community organizations are taking full advantage of the sunshine.”2nd annual Color for Hope 5K Fun Run and Walk. All the proceeds benefit the Northland campus of Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge,” said Kieth Johnson of the Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge.

Sands Emerges from Reinvention Process

Champion Boxer Has New Team, New Approach

Things were going great for Al Sands.  “The Haitian Temptation” held the Minnesota and NABA U.S. Cruiserweight titles.  However, Sands felt something needed to change.”It was something I saw as a necessary step to progress through the boxing ranks,” he said.  “It’s been a sort of spirit quest to break down everything I was doing before that everybody has seen to essentially reinvent myself.”

Will Starks Remembered on Father’s Day

Basketball Coach and Father Figure to Many Passed Away This Week

Will Starks may have been known as a basketball coach, but to many he was so much more.“My dad was more than a coach, first of all he was a dad,” said Will’s son Dyami Starks. “He was a dad, not just to me but he was a dad to this whole city.”

Pitchers Face Special Risks on the Diamond

Most Injuries in Baseball and Softball are Suffered by Pitchers

The sounds of baseball are like a soundtrack to summer. The crack of the bat, the ball hitting the glove.However for many players, time in the sun is cut short by a trip to the trainer’s room. And one position is at risk more than any other.”Pitchers are definitely the highest risk group,” said Dr. David Rust of St. Luke’s Sports Medicine Clinic.