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Soccer Still Growing Among America’s Youth

World's Most Popular Sport Has Gained Popularity Over Last Two Decades

Why is soccer still gaining popularity in the United States?”It’s a fun game,” said Cloquet girls coach Dustin Randall. “It’s accessible to lots of different people, you don’t need much to play it, and it’s really enjoyable.”Also, the beautiful game is a great way to stay fit.

Pitchers Face Special Risks on the Diamond

Most Injuries in Baseball and Softball are Suffered by Pitchers

The sounds of baseball are like a soundtrack to summer. The crack of the bat, the ball hitting the glove.However for many players, time in the sun is cut short by a trip to the trainer’s room. And one position is at risk more than any other.”Pitchers are definitely the highest risk group,” said Dr. David Rust of St. Luke’s Sports Medicine Clinic.