Great Outdoors

Great Outdoors: Junior Curling Program

Every Tuesday night from November to March, the club instructs about 70 young curlers

DULUTH, Minn. – The Duluth Curling Club has a rich tradition for its global accomplishments. And for the last twenty years, they’ve been helping kids learn the sport through its junior program. Every Tuesday night from November to March, the club instructs more than 70 young curlers. This year they took in twenty new members who had never played the…

Sledding in the New Year

Kids Enjoy Monster Hill in Cloquet

CLOQUET, Minn. – Many kids…and adults in Cloquet rang in the New Year today by sledding down a monster hill. For some it was the last day before the holiday break ended to get in some winter activities, along with getting away from some of the indoor activities kids enjoy like video games. “I think being outside and enjoying the…

Great Outdoors: Sunshine On The Slopes

People Head To Spirit Mountain To Enjoy Warm Winter Weather

DULUTH, Minn- Just a few short days ago was not a good time to be outside. Minnesota Duluth student and experienced skier Ben Merrill remembers, “It was freezing, I had 5 layers. We were taking 5 runs we’re like lets go sit in the chalet for a couple of hours and warm up.” Skier Siera LaFave comments, “Like with a…

Great Outdoors: Late Fly Fishing on the Brule

The Brule River is one of the most popular spots in the Northland for fly fishing

The serene, flowing waters of the Brule River in Wisconsin are a popular spot for fly fishermen to try and land their next big catch.“There’s multiple landings on the Brule where you can park,” explains Phil Johnson, who works at Superior Fly Anglers.Johnson’s shop, as the name would imply, specializes in fly fishing.The weather for the past few weeks has been unseasonably warm, even breaking temperature records across the Northland.“The weather is fantastic for staying warm, but unfortunately the fishing hasn’t been that great,” Johnson said.

Sharing Fall Festivities at Simek’s Farm

Local Family Looks to Continue Sharing the Land Through Fall Fun and Entertainment

In Northern Minnesota, it isn’t difficult to get lost in a field full of adventures. “We begin in the spring, probably around February with picking out and ordering our seeds,” Andrea Simek, Co-owner of Simek’s Farm said.