It’s A Yes For Uber & Lyft

City Council Votes 7-1 In Favor Of Share Transportation Ordinance

Duluth, Minn With a vote of 7–1, the Duluth City Council approves the ride sharing ordinance to allow transportation such as Uber and Lyft to operate within the city. In about 30 days everyone that lives in Duluth or visits will have the choice of what transportation they prefer. Nearly all city council members spoke in favor of the ordinance….

WisDOT performance management initiatives save $1.5 billion since 2011

Innovations, efficiencies save nearly $100 million in 2016

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has released a new report, Better, Faster, Lower Cost: An Efficiency Report from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The report itemizes WisDOT initiatives that it has implemented in order to enhance performance and reduce cost in all the department’s functional areas.

WisDOT enhances Silver and AMBER Alert messaging on electronic message boards

New message format aims to help reduce alert durations in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation recently changed its messaging format for AMBER and Silver Alerts in an effort to provide drivers with pertinent information to help law enforcement and families locate endangered children and missing adults with cognitive impairment.

Snow Storm To Impact Holiday Travel

Several Inches Of Snow Exspected For Large Area Of Upper Mid West

Things seem to be running as normal for the airport but for those choosing to stay put on the ground, you may want to keep a close eye on this storm.A second storm is set to hit a wide array of the upper mid-west making traveling a little more worrisome for thousands that are set to hit the roadways.

National Traffic Incident Response Week Raises Awareness for First Responders

WisDOT reminds the public to slow down and move over for emergency vehicles

Traffic Incident Response Week is a time to recognize emergency responders and their tireless effort to help save lives at the scenes of traffic incidents across the country. Every year hundreds of emergency responders representing fire, law enforcement, emergency medical services, towing, and transportation agencies lose their lives while responding to incidents. 

House Republicans Block Federal Transportation Funding for Minnesota

$105 million supposed to go to 28 road and bridge projects across Minnesota

Governor Mark Dayton, Tuesday night, called out House Republicans for blocking $105 million in transportation investments funded by the federal FAST Act. This move will block more than 28 highway, road, and bridge projects in over a dozen communities across Minnesota.

Fall Warning For Drivers

Shorter daylight hours causes more accidents

Shorter daylight hours in fall increase the concern for vehicle versus pedestrian accidents and in turn makes fall the deadliest months of the year for such accidents.Because of these accidents the Minnesota department of transportation wants to raise awareness for motorist and pedestrians to respect all laws and use common sense to insure the safest environment possible during the fall months.