Making the Cut: Kicking it with Duluth East

Nick Tries Out for the Duluth East Soccer Team

“Hey everybody is this week’s ‘Making the Cut’ I am at Duluth East High School with the reigning Section 7AA champ Greyhounds. I’m joined by coach Bremer. Coach, you guys are the reigning champs, what are you looking for in your players that you want to see on the field, to make your team?””Well, when we’re going through tryouts some of the things we look for are shooting, passing, dribbling and things like that. Positioning, communication, hustle, all of those things factor in when we’re looking at players to make the cut.”

Making the Cut: Serving it up with Virginia

Nick Picked up a Racket and Tried out for the Virginia Tennis Team

“Hey everybody. In this edition of ‘Making the Cut’ I’m going to take my talents to the tennis courts with the reigning section 7A champs, Virginia. I’m here with coach Mauston. Coach, what skills and what are you looking at from me to make the cut of your team?””Well I think Nick, the most important thing I can tell you, have a great attitude, work hard and make sure you’re having fun because that’s the name of the game here in Virginia. It’s worked well for coach Gunderson and myself for many, many years.”