Duluth Trails Open After Freeze/Thaw, No Plans to Close Beaches So Far

Walkers, runners and bikers flock to their favorite trails.

DULUTH, Minn.- Just in time for the nice weather, Duluth Parks and Recreation announced that most of the city’s multi-use natural surface trails are now open after being closed due to wet conditions. “It’s been a long time coming this spring,” said Parks and Rec Trail Cooridinator Matt Andrews. “We’ve all been patiently waiting for these trails to open up….

Hottest Weekend to Date Brings Many Outdoors

One family celebrated the nice weather by building their own teepee on Park Point Beach.

DULUTH, Minn.- The weekend’s nice weather brought plenty of people outside, and some decided to erect a monument to the hottest weekend to date: a teepee. A family from Iron Mountain, Michigan made the most of the warm Sunday, constructing a large teepee out of logs of driftwood on Park Point Beach. “We figured we’d come on out here and…

Business Blooming for Duluth Flower Farm’s Mini Farmer’s Market

The florist is seeing success with his socially distant farmer's market on his parents' Proctor farm.

PROCTOR, Minn.- A local flower shop owner is seeing some success after adapting his business model during this pandemic. Duluth Flower Farm has been set up with a simple table outside the family’s farm in Proctor–and it’s been busy–selling out of flowers and products like homemade salsa. The owner said this new approach has done wonders while his store is…

Easter Storms Sweep South, Killing at Least 19 People

Nicolas Galindo/The News-Star via AP) JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Severe weather has swept across the South, killing at least 19 people and damaging hundreds of homes from Louisiana into the Appalachian Mountains. Many people spent part of the night early Monday sheltering in basements, closets and bathroom tubs as sirens wailed to warn of possible tornadoes. Eleven people were killed…

Boating, Biking, Even Dancing in Sunshine at Leif Erikson Park

Two dancers turned the stage in the center of the park into their own dance floor.

DULUTH, Minn.- Saturday’s above average temperatures brought tons of people out to Leif Erikson Park to enjoy the sunshine. The park was alive with people taking advantage of the nice day in their own way–boating in the lake, biking and jogging along the walkways. Now, a new outdoor park activity: dancing on the stage in the center of the grass….

National Weather Service Issues First Ever Snow “Squall” Warning

DULUTH, Minn. –  This morning, some of you may have received a “squall” warning issued by the National Weather Service in Duluth. A squall is an intense short-lived burst of heavy snowfall usually accompanied by gusts of winds and low visibility. Members of the National Weather Service say, that although these events are rare, they are usually associated with a…

Dogs, Anglers Enjoy Sunny Warm Day on Park Point Beach

Humans, dogs, and anglers out enjoying the weather.

DULUTH, Minn.- The sands of Park Point beaches were covered with some fur on Sunday, dog fur that is. Temperatures in the high 40s called dogs and their owners out of the house. “She’s been locked up for a while along with myself, with everything going on,” said Patrick Bittinger, playing fetch with his dog Bella. “So just trying to…