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Struggling Hayward School Dist. Turns To Tax Payers

The Hayward School District is out of money and the only way out, officials say, is a referendum. The referendum will ask voters to approve nearly $3 million above the state-mandated operating revenue limit starting next school year and continuing for future years. This part of the money is to restore teachers and programs.

Bayfield Tourism Still Hurting From Soft Winter

Bayfield's economy thrives off of tourism, and although its peak season is in the summer, tourists visit the ice caves and Apostle Islands when the lake freezes over.  But this season has been a real damper.

A Northland author and fisherman, John Esposito, braved the elements of Lake Superior Wednesday to raise awareness about ice fishing and remember his fishing buddy who died out on the ice three years ago. 

Sisters Take The Beargrease By Storm

Most little girls are interested in playing with dolls and throwing tea parties, but the Freking sisters aren't most little girls -- and their family isn't like most families.

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